A very hard way of a BugHunter to start in this community.

Hii Gyes,
After many days I started Bug Hunting because my lappy was somehow gone ill You all know very well what that means....
So get into the story...!

For the appreciation of new members of our family I will tell my story.(I will not call them beginners because I am also a beginner too...)
I wrote this post only for that which is "Don't feel the dark side of your life because on that day when you feel the positive and brighter side you will start in way of success"
From the beginning I was very curious for knowing the fact of Web-applications. But as for my knowledge it was out of my mind to understand that things .
Slowly I make some knowledge from some websites some peoples and from many more resources.
But its not sufficient for me. One day I met a friend who is in this field (today he is Not just a friend more than a friend my brother Ashish) He guided me from beginning and after 2-3 months I slowly started understanding that "How things work" after it I tried my best but I was not able to find any Bug in any of website. I was feeling very hopeless that "what am I able to find my bug one day?? ."
But my brother always told me "One day you will get the Bug don't be hopeless" I was trying my best. one day I decided to that i will not eat or drink anything unless I will found my first bug and that was my last decision and on that day there is a spirit in my mind that I have to find a bug on any condition and on that day I found my first bug I was just working whole night and at the morning I was success on my aim. On that day I realize that it depends on your mind that "You will be success or not "
It all depends on you.
All aim to write this and share my experience was that you don't do that mistake . Don't be hopeless believe in you and you will be the success.
That's enough for this.

Any question anyone want ask to me then fell free to ping me one Fb or by email Because I believe in "Sharing is caring" and Knowledge is such a worm that you will find out more and more when you spread it. And I will definitely tell you if I know about that thing.


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